New Beginnings =/= Excuses

Who starts a blog, then doesn’t post for a week and a half?

Someone who makes their first post two days before a cross country move, that’s who.

Now you might think a 48 hour drive might be a great opportunity to get some quality writing done.  I did, and was I ever wrong!  Surprisingly, sitting inches from a time zone confused baby who’s increasingly tired of being in the car (my son, not my husband) somehow doesn’t exactly provide the uiet I need to concentrate on writing/editing. I think I got in maybe a good hour, fueled by too much caffeine.

At the very least, I arrived safely in FL with a handful of story I
deas for the 12 x 12 (perhaps a second middle grade novel even!) and to an email from my fabulous crit group back in CA.  Sometimes constructive criticism is more helpful than praise, even if it is harder on the ego.

There really is nothing more frustrating than being forced to procrastinate due to circumstance, when you just want to get going!

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