The Ghost of the Mill Girl

One of my takeaways from Sara Pennypacker (who has an awesome wardrobe) was something to the effect of  “we write stories to right injustices”.

One injustice was that of little Lalar Blanton. When I was her age, the bane of my existence being pushed into every team sport under the sun, the mean girl at school (who just so happened to be my teacher) and algebra homework. She had to work in a cotton mill probably not unlike the factories where much of our “stuff” is made today.

The crazy thing to me is, that was considered OK, possibly the moral high ground, in her day. As a 21st century mom whose kids better not leave school until they have a Master’s, that blows my mind.  It also makes me wonder what was done to me when I was a kid, what we do to our kids today, that will horrify future generations.

My money is on wild rice and CCD.


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