The worst blogger in the world.

So much has happened since last updating, which I guess is to be expected for a year and a half.
I’ll share the good: Our beautiful daughter joined us, we got a beautiful new home in a neighborhood that’s better for our family, I began working at a fantastic digital ad agency. I took the amazing Joyce Sweeney’s online class, met some really cool people (local to me, no less!) and began another book.
But most recent, I got a bite on #Pitchmas!  For my “first” book, the one many authors never sell. To be honest, I’m sweating it a bit – as a completely unpublished writer (I don’t even have any teaching creds, or more than 3 college English credits!) is some publisher going to buy me writing a multiracial character?  I’m racking my brain. Do I just let the agent read the first 50 and see she’s dealing with a multi-cultural, multi-racial character, or do I mention outright in the pitch letter, metaphorically waving my non-melanin-challenged children like a badge of how worldly and sophisticated I am while screaming, “See? Look!  My kids are the same mix as the main character! I know all about diversity!”?   Time will tell what works and what doesn’t.

I’m not sure the etiquette here, but I’ll err on the side of keeping this very cool-sounding lady’s name secret. So here we go again.