Of all my tens of followers… do any of you want in on a crit group?

I discovered this link while I was still on my high horse that I managed to get a picture idea from random idea to completed first draft, all in an hour. As a management consultant, I can definitely perform under pressure, the question is can I be creative under pressure as well?  Ask me May 8th.

My idea was that after NaPiBoWriWee, we could get together (via email) and crit a story a week for the next 7 weeks.  I’m open to suggestions though, so if you’re interested please leave a comment telling me how to get in touch with you!


Back in the saddle but with a change of direction

I am still reeling from the break-in.  I no longer feel safe in this neighborhood, not to mention I am disgusted with my neighbors who saw the kids jump our fence, but refuse to give over their names since “we’ve known the kids on this street since they were in diapers”, “they come from a broken home”, and my favorite, “but I’m a Christian and the Bible says YOU have to forgive!

Personally, I don’t come from an intact family either (although death was the “homewrecker”) and yet somehow I’ve managed to go 30+ years without committing larceny.

You would think I live the inner city from what I’m describing, but the only thing “ghetto” about this neighborhood is that people do their own landscaping – the houses are medium-sized, 3 or 4 bedroom homes, and my 10 year old Civic is by far the dumpiest car on the block.

As much as I really appreciate my brothers in law M’s and A’s and my cousin in law (?) D’s cyclically making sure I have access to a laptop at most times, I’ve got to find my own.  On this one, I will install tracking software and  consider the forced donation of my beautiful brand-new laptop, that my husband busted his rear end in overtime to buy and lovingly and painstakingly selected for me, all the donation I owe to east Miramar.

My husband found a halfway draft of Princess Amelia on his computer that I’m going to start reviving soon, but I’ve started by reconstructing some of my short stories.  My March submission for the 12×12, I was able to reconstruct from scratch, and am hammering out the edits from my fabulous Crit Group 6.  But the picture books I’ve written, I will be able to recover faster, so I’m going to shift my focus for right now to finding an agent for those.